Our Team is ongoing working on improvement of existing products and development of new ones. Here you could find our newest and the most interesting solutions in architectural flat glass.


Laminated glass with a special metalized fabric providing any color and design to the outside with visibility and a natural appearance to the inside.
These products are suitable for interior glazings.
Glass laminated with synthetic fabric specially coated with metallized coating on both surfaces.
Unique one-way vision effect: intense color of metal surface on the outside with visibility and natural daylight from the inside.
Total comfort inside: Solar shading and natural light.


Bird Friendly Glass

Up to a billion birds die each year due to building collisions.
YAKUTBIRDFRIENDLYGLASS offers the right balance of solar performance, aesthetics and bird safety—so you can start designing your bird-friendly building through one trusted source.
YAKUTBIRDFRIENDLYGLASS has UV stripe coating visually signals an impending barrier to birds and helps prevent collisions.
Yakut patterned glass products provide bird collision deterrence properties in exterior glazing applications.
YAKUTBIRDFRIENDLYGLASS helps reach enegy golas when paired with high performance coatings in a insulating units. It can be used float clear, mid-iron or low iron glasses and available from 6 mm to 10 mm thicknesses.
Textures basicly include markers on the outside of the surface.

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