Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

YAKUTGLASS’s commitment to the advanced business ethics that are part of the bedrock of its corporate culture inform all of the company’s activities and operations. This means that ethical behavior of the highest sort is an essential priority and responsibility of every YAKUTGLASS employee. However not only YAKUTGLASS employees but also YAKUTGLASS dealers, suppliers and business partners, and all other stakeholders with whom the company actively engages are likewise expected to abide by the company’s ethical guidelines. The YAKUTGLASS Board of Ethics is responsible for the implementation of the YAKUTGLASS Code of Ethics and for overseeing compliance with its rules.


YAKUTGLASS adheres to a no-tolerance approach when dealing with matters involving bribery and corruption. The company is committed to undertaking its activities fairly and honestly in line with legal and ethical guidelines. In all of the policies and procedures that it formulates.


YAKUTGLASS strives to be in full compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations, with ethical and professional standards, and with universally-recognized principles. Within this scope, risks of bribery and corruption are identified and actions are taken to reduce them. Compliance with company ethical guidelines is supported by means of in-house group training sessions, regular ethical guideline announcements, and online training resources.


The YAKUTGLASS Code of Ethics provides a comprehensive approach for addressing issues involving potentially questionable conduct that company employees and other stakeholders might be encountered. The YAKUTGLASS Code of Ethics and the YAKUTGLASS Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy set out guidelines governing such matters as interacting with internal and external stakeholders, avoiding conflicts of interest, protecting occupational health and safety, and preventing corruption, malfeasance, and bribery. What is to be done in the event that these guidelines are breached is clearly stated in the YAKUTGLASS Personnel Regulations.


Special care is given to protecting human rights and to supporting the company’s performance on such issues in the conduct of its business processes through policies and practices. One instance of the importance YAKUTGLASS gives to human rights and practices related to them is to be seen in the first article of the YAKUTGLASS Code of Ethics which states that the company “respects human rights and the constitutional”.


All forms of discrimination be they based on language, race, gender, political affiliation, religious belief, or similar considerations are prohibited in the conduct of business and workplace relationships at YAKUTGLASS. Work agreements between the company and its employees may not incorporate any terms or conditions which, directly or indirectly, would subject an employee to prejudicial treatment on the grounds of gender or pregnancy at the time the agreement is entered into, while it is in effect, or when it is terminated except in cases where job-related risks, employee safety, or the requirements of law dictate otherwise. The principle of “Equal Pay For Equal Work” applies to everyone and no employee may be paid more or less based on their gender. All hiring, assignment, and promotion decisions must be based on objective performance criteria and never on such considerations as language, religion, gender, race, or the like. YAKUTGLASS condones neither the employment of children nor any form of forced or compulsory labor.


We act according to the laws, regulations and company procedures. We believe honesty, confidentially and tranperancy most important than money.

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