Our Announcement About Covid-19

Dear Customers,


YAKUTGLASS, following the government’s directives regarding the progress of Coronavirus (COVID-19), has taken all necessary security measures in our facility and office as of today and implemented new measures.


Within the scope of these new measures, our facility and office have been arranged to work only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week. These days, our facility is fully operational and ready to produce our customers’ current and future orders. All raw material deliveries are expected to be done on time and we follow the situation closely with the suppliers continuously. In addition, the maximum possible material was kept in stock to ensure uninterrupted production during the working days.


Internal and external meetings of our staff are limited to the minimum required.


Upon these actions, we are ready to receive your new orders and provide you with all necessary support in the highest quality.


We closely monitor the situation, evaluate the possible effects in the future, and try to minimize risks and collaborate with everyone working at YAKUTGLASS. If any factors that may affect your planned deliveries or purchases occur, we will notify our partners of the delay that we have accomplished to reduce negative consequences.


Stay safe and healthy!

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